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If you knew without a shadow of a doubt that you were going to meet your ideal partner in 5-days, 5-weeks or 5-months, would you live your life differently?

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Could you move into trust? Could you be present with yourself, your career and your friends?

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Would you stop checking the door every time someone walked into the bar or grocery store? Could you just be? This week, host Chelli Pumphrey interviews the dynamic Willow Bradner, coach, intuitive healer, and psychic as she guides us with her intuitive, wisdom filled, and often quite hilarious insight and guidance as we talk about what it takes to find love.

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The mission of Destination Love is to help people understand why they experience certain feelings, behaviors, and struggles in their relationships through the use of psychology, attachment, and the science of the brain in a fun, intriguing, and engaging format. I want to empower people to stop relying on fate and fairy tales to find love. Destination Love covers many topics around relationships to help people increase their awareness of self and others, as we explore the science, psychology, and even the more mysterious side of relationships.

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Destination Love is not about learning to find love through creating perfect Hollywood looks, a flawless online dating profile, or saying the right words to catch that perfect date. With over twenty years of experience as a psychotherapist, Chelli blends her knowledge of psychology, attachment, and the science of the brain to help people find love.

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Chelli will help you overcome fear, become more authentic in your relationships, find compatible partners, and put an end to unhealthy relationship patterns. Chelli is passionate about helping people develop healthy, committed, and fulfilling relationships.

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She has both a psychotherapy and coaching practice, le transformative retreats and classes and regularly publishes blogs and articles about helping people find the courage to live and love with authenticity and passion. Chelli will also be a featured relationship coach in Leap, a movie due to be released inabout the transformative power of coaching. All Rights Reserved. Latest Episode Promo Bookmark Show.

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Women want sex Pumphrey

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