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I am as sundanese girl agree with that but we are worth it,in fact many expat married with west java girls even though we are high maintenance. Sugar dating is growing fast in Asia. Just 10 years ago, only a few people had heard of it, and now even my mom knows what it is. The most often, it involves a younger girl sugar baby and an older guy sugar daddy.

The arrangement can take many forms: Monthly bank transfers, cash payments, gifts, free trips, school fees payments, rent payments, etc. Of course, this kind of arrangement has always existed, in Asia or elsewhere, but what has changed is that it has never been easier to meet someone.

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All you need is an internet connection, a laptop, and the following list of the best sugar baby websites for Asian girls. Best Sugar Baby Websites for Asia.

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There are dozens of sugaring websites in the world, but these are the best if you're looking for an Asian sugar baby. They claim to have millions of members, including several thousand Asian sugar babies. It is free to register and to look at most of the girls' profiles. That's quite expensive, but in a sense, it also means the of guys competing with you is limited. Men have more bargaining power on Seeking.

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You will notice the reply rate of girls is higher, and that they are more likely to accept an invitation to meet. This is the main competitor of Seeking. It is very similar to it but it has fewer profiles and fewer features.

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It is not a specialized sugar baby website, but there it has so many women online who are looking to date foreigners that it's not difficult to find a girlfriend there. In particular, you have hundreds of Filipinas, Indonesians, and Vietnamese who don't mind if there is a 10 or 20 years age gap between partners. It is free to register and browse profiles. You can also message someone for free if you've matched with her. This website has a large base of users in the US, with a growing presence in Asia. I didn't manage to find the exact of sugar babies in Asia, but there are at least several hundreds.

Its top markets seem to be where many American expats live or travel, such as Singapore, Hong-Kong or the Philippines. Its interface is not always the most intuitive, and you may need a couple of hours before figuring out how the website works. Still, you shouldn't hesitate to try as the first few days are completely free.

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