Seeking roleplay fun

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My GF and I are wanting to start an SL family Roleplay, and we mean this in the sense of actual role-playing taking Seeking roleplay fun and not so much the "I'll call you my sister, and you can call me sister and we'll just chill and practically OOC talk all the time", if you get what I mean? We're looking for story lines and innocent RP fun that might entail a lot of at home, daily routines or sim hopping and dragging each other around to different things to do, all the while not exactly breaking character.

We're hoping to find people who, they don't have to be "para-rpers", but might put some ounce of emotion or a little above average description behind their characters actions and words. For lack of a better way to explain it, and to put it simply even, think of it as all of us "playing house", in a sense. We don't own our own sim or anything and we don't mind so much if, say for instance, my character has a sister that lives on a different sim in a different neighborhood than ours.

We think that just gives us all one more place to RP together! And please don't think we wouldn't want to get to know you, the player. We would love to get to know the brain behind the keyboard! As I've seen some adoption agencies put on their applications, on a scale ofhow important is the RP for us?

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I'd say about 8 tops. We'd be happy to give you brief descriptions of our characters and their interests! We'd also love to hear feedback on how you'd like to approach everything and how we can make the RP come together! Or if you just have any general questions! Feel free to IM me or drop me a notecard: LadyChaii.

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Preferred age ranges for any are up to 5 or 6. Alicia and I probably won't just give the OK to anyone who accepts any position, since we want all of us to hopefully make this a long term thing. So, we'd happily set up a trial week or two, if that's alright, with anyone interested! We can all OOCly get to know each other in that time, if we want, hang out casually, and hopefully get some RP going! I'm writing up a notecard right now to send over to you. I'm happily surprised that this old, heavy RPer has possibly found a match in the ever strange, pseudo-RP scene as family RP.

That's awesome! Thanks for the interest and thread reply, too! Sorry for the new post--couldn't see where I could edit my Seeking roleplay fun one. But, update on positions available. I definitely don't mind finding a place for you in our little hodge podge group!

We should talk a little in world. I'll try to reach out to you soon! Alicia and I have found at least three people, maybe four, we've been able to at least go on a small trial with. That does mean tho, if you'd like to spam post your RP community you'd generally suggest for families, we'd be happy to stop by sometime to RP there! Just please only advertise once, tho! I'd also love to add that it would be pretty fun to maybe find some other like-minded people who have their own families but may not necessarily Seeking roleplay fun looking for more people to integrate into their family and maybe just want friends with similar RP interest instead!

You might vibe with what we do in my family. We hang out and have gotten close OOC, but we also have a really rich IC life together and have been in the process of opening up our group to others. Maybe we can find you a place within what we already have, or give an outlet to the family you put together. I'd love to brainstorm! I think the way we think about things could be really compatible and have lots of fun possibilities. The more the merrier! Here's the info I've been posting up about what we're all about as a group:.

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We aren't a full sim, but we're a close-knit collection of Seeking roleplay fun aiming to grow and expand our story to include new members of the guild with hopes to eventually grow into a full sim over time. We call all those that love a believable, immersive, mystical storyline with something for adults, teens, children, and animals.

It's a modern, supernatural setting where magic exists secretly in a world much like our own. We've set things up such that they are geared toward flexibility - for players that wish to only play within our setting, or those that wish to use other places as their "mundane world" backdrop. For us, we seek to have a collaborative and cohesive storytelling experience that grows and builds over time.

Because of that, we will be ever-expanding, ever-growing, thriving off of the collective energies of our players. Details are our addiction, so more depth and imagination is woven in and becomes available every day. We also need teachers as well as our Coven, with things for werewolves and other supernatural creatures on the short horizon The structure is there, it just isn't available on the site or in our play environment YET, so if this appeals just ask.

Younger children and families are welcome as part of the coven with the acceptance that some scenes will not be suitable for kids to be around. Also, we are putting together a magically inclined "scouts" program that is a little more casual in how the RP flows - but still applies generally to our main story in that it is organized by the coven icly, and players can include helping out with it as part of their character development, etc for those that do wish to participate in both.

Realistic animals are also welcome. We love animals.

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As mentioned, we do not have a full sim open to the public, but we do have a decent amount of land where we've created an immersive in world RP environment and continue to expand and upgrade as we go. I'm happy to give interested players tours and discuss what we've got going on, and where we are headed. We will only improve as there are more people and more imaginations thriving in the experience with us.

Contact Bronwyn Breen in world for any questions, additional info, or tours or just to say hi, one rper to another. Well uhm, I rp as a 15 yr old girl. If that's okay? It's easy! Already have an ?

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in here. Share More sharing options Followers 1. You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for days. Recommended Posts. LadyChaii Posted March 28, Posted March 28, edited. Hello, everyone! Chaii and Alicia here! Sorry for such a long post! I'm not saying the latter family RP is bad, it's just not what we're wanting to get into.

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A little bit of fun family drama thrown in maybe? Whatever's fine with us! With that said, we're also pretty open to themes too! Preferred age range is up to 16 or Edited March 28, by LadyChaii. Link to comment Share on other sites More sharing options Jzakat Posted March 30, Posted March 30, LadyChaii Posted March 30, Posted March 30, edited. Also, this idea is still open for more people! LadyChaii Posted April 3, Posted April 3, J4mesLuc4s Posted April 5, Posted April 5, LadyChaii Posted April 7, Posted April 7, LadyChaii Posted April 13, Posted April 13, Just wanted to give a brief update because this thread is still open and looking some!

MagsMoonreign Posted May 30, Posted May 30, Here's the info I've been posting up about what we're all about Seeking roleplay fun a group: We aren't a full sim, but we're a close-knit collection of roleplayers aiming to grow and expand our story to include new members of the guild with hopes to eventually grow into a full sim over time. AmberisKawaii Posted August 11, Posted August 11, Posted August 13, Register a new.

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Seeking roleplay fun

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