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We want to make sexuality education a community experience. Bringing it to young people, as well as adults. Providing workshops in schools, youth organizations, parent groups, shelters, and lots of other places. Masakhane is a youth driven organization providing community-based sexuality education Newark sex services and around Newark, NJ. Masakhane believes everyone has the right to accurate, non-judgmental information on all sexuality topics. Masakhane uses a sex-positive, pleasure-focused lens to help participants build supportive relationships and experiences grounded in communication and consent.

Masakhane workshops honor the rights of young people to make their own decisions. Masakhane provides resources that encourage folks to incorporate sexual wellness into their lives, if they so choose. Masakhane's programs are actively anti-racist.

Masakhane works to dismantle the racism and anti-Blackness that is ingrained within traditional sexuality education. Masakhane is a reproductive justice organization. Reproductive justice, as defined by SisterSong, is the human right to maintain personal bodily autonomy, have children, not have children, and parent the children we have in safe and sustainable communities. Stephanie Franklin, Executive Director.

Stephanie has a comprehensive background in sexual and reproductive health education and has worked for non-profits in the US and South Africa. Her career in the non-profit world started in when she began working for CHOICE, a sexual and reproductive health organization in Philadelphia. In OctoberStephanie accepted Newark sex services volunteer sex education position with Restless Development formally Students Partnership Worldwide. Stephanie volunteered with their South Africa program and departed for her work in January For the next 9 months Stephanie lived and worked in a rural community in the Eastern Cape of South Africa.

While in South Africa, Stephanie decided to bring to fruition a vision of hers: to start an organization focusing on comprehensive sexuality education in Newark, New Jersey. The concept for the center derived from a noticeable lack of comprehensive sexual and reproductive health education in Newark schools, and consequently for Newark youth including many of her family members. With the support of her family and friends, Stephanie created the Masakhane Center. As an intern, they filmed and published 'Coming Out Stories' - an online series documenting the varying experiences of Newark resident's "coming out".

JV has served as a Program Coordinator for a 21st Century Learning Center after school program for a North Ward middle school in Newark and is actively involved in neighborhood revitalization efforts in the East Ward of Newark, lifting awareness regarding environmental racism and housing justice.

She has a B. For the last eight years she has been a mental health counselor in a public high school where she is also the co-advisor for a comprehensive sexual health program called Teen PEP. Chanta is also an adjunct professor at Bloomfield College, teaching courses related to general, social, and developmental psychology as well as human sexuality. She started with us in summer '18 as an intern and has loved every moment since. She holds a bachelor's degree in public health from Rutgers University and graduated with a minor in women's and gender studies and certificate in health disparities.

She would like to go back to school eventually to earn a master's degree in public health or human sexuality - once she figures out to how fund it, of course. Her interests in the field of sexuality education include reproductive justice, pleasure, and the sexual liberation of marginalized communities, especially that of youth and folks of color who were socialized as women.

In addition to her work with youth in Newark, Bethany has experience facilitating sex ed for youth in Paterson and Jersey City and has received training in support for survivors of domestic violence and youth suicide prevention.

In her spare time, she enjoys collecting books she might never get to, buying herself flowers and way too many candles, and scrolling anti-capitalist Twitter. You can connect with her on Instagram at celestialvulva. They provide lectures, talks, and teach workshops up and down the East Coast. Avery created a psychoeducational Health and Wellness group for a major rehabilitation organization for five years. They run a blog, ThePalimpsex. She has a passion for spreading knowledge and awareness of the issues revolving around sexual and reproductive justice.

Her interest in sexuality education emerged after taking a sociology course that focused on sexuality and reproduction that opened her eyes to how much is missing from what is usually provided in schools and how young people should be receiving more information which is provided in Newark sex services inclusive way without any judgment.

Carolina hopes to make a difference by fighting the stigmas surrounding sexuality and painting it in a positive light so that people are able to have conversations about it and not be ashamed by who they are.

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She wants to pursue a career in nonprofit work to create change and help better the communities around her. She loves interning with Masakhane and is so grateful for everything she has learned and experienced through them. In her free time, Carolina enjoys listening to music, creating art, or watching movies.

She is passionate about psychology, activism, and social equity. Aryanah values spreading knowledge Newark sex services fighting against the stigma surrounding mental health and counseling. Post-graduation she plans to apply to graduate school for a master's in clinical psychology. Aryanah is very excited to be apart of the Masakhane team, learn about all aspects of sexuality, and have the ability to spread this knowledge to others.

Taking courses in feminism and gender studies only furthered their interest in sexuality education as a means to destigmatize expressions of sexuality including and especially in performative and Newark sex services spaces like burlesque! In her spare time, Ally can be found hanging out with her dog, listening to true crime podcasts, and trying to draw the perfect raccoon. It was the need for more non-judgmental spaces in sexuality education that prompted her to intern as an educator at the Masakhane Center. She strongly believes that everyone deserves a comfortable space to navigate their boundaries and explore their curiosities.

Catherine is also learning German where she currently operates at the upper-intermediate level. Her other hobbies include baking, singing, analyzing her favourite TV shows and scrolling through Twitter. Her interest to become a sexuality educator started during her senior year of college. However, a complete lack of proper sex education throughout her years in high school proved to be a huge motivator to go into the field. She is incredibly excited to be working with Masakhane and she hopes to apply an abolitionist framework through her teachings as a sexuality educator.

She enjoys making new friends, learning new things, and picking up new hobbies. In her free time, she loves listening to music, dancing, and watching movies. An Androgynous cloud of love and light from Brooklyn, NY. She loves animals, trees, movies, and anything out of the ordinary. In her free time she likes to draw, paint, bake, crochet, dance badlysing like an angeland watch movies. My favorite topics include: sexual pleasure, hygiene, fetishes, and the deterioration of a world run by white men.

She developed her love for writing after taking a "Words About Music" creative writing class at Rutgers University in Spring LaRelle first began her blog, " www. But as time progressed, her blog blossomed into something more vulnerable and personal.

One of her most popular blogs was written about how it was for her to come out to her friends and family. She wants to use her own personal experiences as a way Newark sex services educate and inform people of both the beauties and struggles of being a Black queer woman in the United States.

Through Masakhane, she seeks to deepen her understanding of social justice in order to help herself and those who are marginalized. She also believes in providing a more inclusive and accurate sex education for youth than what is most common in the U. This can be achieved by providing information tailored to and considerate of all communities, as well as teaching a healthier view of sex. Samantha is excited to be able to do both these things as a Masakhane Newark sex services Educator Intern, as well as hopefully plant a seed of positivity and acceptance in youth.

In her free time, she enjoys reading romance novels, watching the sunset, and playing soccer. Ella is a recent graduate from the University of San Francisco. They are on their journey to discover more about themselves, learn from others, and create connections with others. They want to learn, explore, and deepen their understanding of what it means to be part of a queer community and how to better utilize their skills, knowledge, and interests in order to create a more open and supportive society.

She is passionate about reproductive justice, social justice, empathy and sex positivity. She has a vast history of teaching, and is excited to work to connect her passions for education and justice through sexuality education. She hopes to help create a space where individuals can find comfort within themselves to grow and educate others. Her other hobbies include dancing, gardening, cooking, yoga, and hanging out with friends. Anna hopes to go into the nonprofit industry to help empower underserved communities.

Kami believes that honest, healthy, and productive conversations about sex and sexuality are not incompatible with religion and wants to highlight and contribute to feminist and queer liberation theology. She cannot wait to learn more about sexuality and inclusivity from the Masakhane Center. Trevor Hall has a passion for writing. He believes that there is no coincidence in the sacral chakra being home to both creativity and sexuality. The two are deeply entwined for him.

He hopes to help others express their own individual sexuality with love, joy, and understanding, as well as help create a more nurturing society for all. She is a passionate advocate for sexual and reproductive health and social justice. Emily loves meeting new people, making music, dancing, and taking care of her plants! Post-graduation Emily plans to travel and work for an organization like Planned Parenthood where she can help people attain their highest level of wellness. She is excited to work with Masakhane Center to provide sex positive education for our youth and further her knowledge.

Her goal is to become a health educator and possibly purse a masters in health education. Gianna is very excited for her upcoming months at Masakhane, not only as an educator intern but as a student as well. She believes you can never stop learning and looks forward to hopefully making an impact.

In her free time, Gianna likes to listen to music, play video games, and hang out with her friends virtually! She hopes to highlight the intersectionality of Environmental Justice and Marginalized People. They are passionate about centering communication and pleasure in sex education and they are also interested in the narratives surrounding sex in the university environment.

Maggie also founded and runs the Instagram LaNouvelleSexe. In their free time, Maggie enjoys backpacking, rock climbing, reading, knitting, and playing board games! Her interests lie heavily within the intricacies of social systems, medicine, global politics, humanitarian aid, spirituality, and the sciences, all while conjuring sex-positive conversation. Having recently come into her own power as an Arab-Italian womxn, Martina hopes to evoke open communication regarding sexuality and pleasure within her native Lebanese society and refugee camps by utilizing the knowledge gained from this Masakhane internship.

She is always appreciative of a good lentil and can either be found wandering in the woods, protesting, or climbing. During his time as an undergraduate at Auburn University majoring in psychology, Parsons developed an interest in using research to investigate issues of inequality and social justice with a specific focus on trans and queer individuals and mental health. After graduation, Parsons has continued to assist in psychological and human science research examining health disparities and social determinants of health and health behaviors.

He believes in the importance of understanding others with Newark sex services and complexity and the power of listening to others lived experiences. In his free time, Parsons enjoys playing guitar, writing songs, soy lattes, bad movies, and memes. We are here to assist. by phone, or via our social media channels. Stephanie Franklin, Executive Director safranklin masakhanecenter.

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JV, Board Member jvalladolid masakhanecenter. Chanta Blue, Board Member cblue masakhanecenter. Bethany, Board Member bethany masakhanecenter. Avery Heimann, Board Member aheimann masakhanecenter. Carolina Marrano, Volunteer cmarrano masakhanecenter.

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Ally Knopf Sexuality Educator Intern aknopf masakhanecenter. Aryanah Solano Sexuality Educator Intern asolano masakhanecenter. Bianchi Villacres Sexuality Educator Intern billacres masakhanecenter. Catherine Miller Sexuality Educator Intern cmiller masakhanecenter. Rea Fleming Sexuality Educator Intern rfleming masakhanecenter.

Tahiyat Chowdhury Sexuality Educator Intern tchowdhury masakhanecenter. Samantha Getze Sexuality Educator Intern sgetze masakhanecenter. Ella Kennedy Sexuality Educator Intern ekennedy masakhanecenter. Sylvie Wilson Sexuality Educator Intern swilson masakhanecenter. Anna Sexuality Educator Intern. Kami Winter Sexuality Educator Intern kwinter masakhanecenter.

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Gianna Silva Sexuality Educator Intern gsilva masakhanecenter. Trevor Hall Sexuality Educator Intern thall masakhanecenter. Emily Orona Sexuality Educator Intern eorona masakhanecenter.

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