New girl seeking new friends

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I have made a questionable choice. Think about your closest friends.

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Now think about where and when you met. I moved to live with my formerly long distance boyfriend. He is literally the only person I know in this city, I finished my post-grad two years ago, and I have accepted a job working from home with my nearest coworker being kilometres away from me. In a desperate attempt to appease my whining about not having any female friends, my boyfriend even offered to have a girly slumber party with me full of face masks, calorie-rich foods and scary movies.

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Naturally, that set Operation BFF in motion. Operation BFF has one single task: to find me some friends. So, what resources are at my disposal? The same premise as the Facebook groups, Meetup allows you to search by interest and location to find a group of people who share common interests as you, and who want to hang out are prearranged times and locations.

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Maybe she likes umbrellas in her drinks? Those ice breakers I used to hate on day one of integration?

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Instead I will message a girl on OKCupid and see if she wants to go out for a manicures. You may also like.

New girl seeking new friends

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Woman Seeking Women: 4 Ways to Make New Friends When You’re a Grownup