Needing older dad

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You can become a father long into your older yearsbut there are risks. This happens for a few reasons, like:. Your baby might have higher odds of getting a genetic disorder. If you have a baby at an older age, you have higher chances of passing on a genetic disorder.

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The chances of having a premature baby may be higher. Babies with older d have higher chances of being born underweight.

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Low birth weight can cause other health problems later in life. Your baby also has a higher risk of having seizures and needing to be put on oxygen. You might have trouble having a baby.

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As you age, you can have trouble with infertility. You might have less sperm, or the sperm may have trouble moving fast enough to fertilize the egg. Late fatherhood is happening more often these days. Both men and women are deciding to have babies later in life for different reasons. There are benefits to these decisions. You might:. Raising kids is expensive.

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Not everyone can afford to have a baby later in life, and the extra cost of raising kids might be stressful. Infertility is expensive.

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If you need medical help to conceiveit can also be expensive. While having a new baby is hard at any age, adjusting to the changes of newborns and young kids later in life can be challenging. You may need to work longer. They can test your health and help you make the best decision. Healthy Aging Reference.

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This happens for a few reasons, like: Your testicles become softer and smaller. Your sperm becomes disfigured and slow. The blood supply to your genitals gets lower. You have lower testosterone levels. For most men, these problems happen after the age of Healthy Aging Subscribe. Could I have CAD? Missing Teeth?

Needing older dad

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