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We shared many laughs. Dennis has been happily married for about 10 years.

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Lori has been through a lot during the pandemic, including the loss of her mother. She has used Facebook to reach out for support. I was shocked to read this. I have never experienced or witnessed such behavior by Dennis. He is very gregarious, but this is out of character.

Dear Not Me Too: As a woman — or a human being — it is right to stand up for and support assault victims. The metoo movement inspired many women to come forward and detail their experiences with unwanted sexual aggression and abuse. It is a well-known fact that women do not report incidents like this to law enforcement.

The metoo movement also taught us that really nice, happily married and well-liked people can do terrible things.

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Dear Chaired: I assume that overweight people are extremely aware of where they sit. Rather than ask people not to sit in chairs, you should be proactive and — before they sit down — directly offer them a chair that will be most comfortable. Unfortunately, we lost her last year.

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The cause? She was morbidly obese, which in medical terms is over pounds overweight.

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My cousin was a beautiful, delightful, bright young woman with a great job, many friends and a family who loved her. I believe if she clearly understood the health risk she was taking by being so overweight, she would have done something about it.

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Today, we are grieving the loss of someone who left far too soon, with an entirely treatable condition. Dear Grieving: Thank you for this tribute.

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Need a friend me too

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