Love your sexy smile

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A woman struggles with finding a man who she is interested in who can actually have a relationship. Met a woman who told me she keeps finding and dating guys who are not ready for a relationship.

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I, don't want to be, another victim of blind love But I lik,e when I feel, your touch When I look in the mirror, you're staring back at me with those, with those Oh, that sexy smile and oh, those wondering eyes I know, that I should run But I lose myself 2x Our tension is growng stronger I'm hoping it can last, Just a bit, longer But it's time for me to say goodbye ye ye ye You're just another guy uy uy uy I know I should, run run, run, away, away Oh, your sexy smiles Oh, your wondering eyes And, I know I should run, run away ay ay But you're only after fun And I'm losing ground But oh, that sexy smiles I better run away Bridge I've got it wrong again Unavailable man Crashing down on my heart.

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Love your sexy smile

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