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Yet the un-salacious truth remains: thousands of customers bump and grind their way through Nevada annually and without incident. My goals? Get a first-hand look at what goes down when someone pays to get down. And eat a great burger. Meet Dena, a beautiful woman in her mids who appears as the exact opposite of how I imagined a brothel madame would look: nary a fat, hairy mole or tattered kimono with cigarette burn holes to be found.

With over nine years of experience at the Ranch, she has never been a courtesan, but she knows the exact ingredients required to make a great one. Once the owners have narrowed it down even further, phone interviews are made. But either way that flavor had better pair well with the flavors already in Looking Real Sex Las Vegas Nevada.

Beyond how they got there, every girl has a different reason why she even went down that road. Emma greeted me wearing a sexy negligee and patent black stilettos. She walked with the stride of a French runway model and spoke about brothel life with the confidence of a Fortune CEO. Emma is approachable, but pretty with porcelain skin, long dark hair, and ruby-red lips. At the age of 18, Emma started stripping, per the suggestion of a friend, to pay for professional dance school in Australia. The money was so great that she eventually dropped out and headed to the US where she stripped her way across the country.

Let me repeat that: Emma funded a cross-country road trip by going from strip club to strip club dancing for a night or two and heading on her way. If you think hiring a courtesan is cheap, think again. Each girl is considered an independent contractor and sets her own rates -- and the more popular the girl, the higher she can set her asking price. Put it this way: when not at the Ranch, Emma lives in Hawaii yes, the money is that good. You know: who is the guy going to a brothel in the middle of the day on a Wednesday?

What I got instead were a bunch of dudes who looked like they could manage the course at a golf club After seeing these average-looking dudes, I immediately had one question: what kind of weird shit are these guys into? The answer: anything and everything you can think of. But not just any threesome! He wanted to be with two girls at the same time while watching Frozen. Probably one of the most fun parties I've ever had.

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We were having sex and then randomly bursting into song… I'll never look at Olaf the same way again. Sadly, the only one available for me to directly explore was the '70s-themed room straight off the set of Austin Powers. Of course, all I could think of the whole time I was in it was how many bodily fluids would be visible with a UV light and some luminol.

The truth of the matter, though, is that most of the guys who come in are just straight-up lonely. While I sat in the bar with Emma waiting for her appointment to arrive, I had the chance to interact with and observe some of the other girls as well. Contrary to what I assumed the atmosphere would be like in a house with 20 women, everyone got along.

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Sure they have their cliques, but everyone is really respectful towards one another. Maybe they were on their best behavior since the madame was there, or because they knew I was watching, but it seemed to me that one of the benefits of living in that world is no one is pulling any punches.

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Nicole Aimee Schreiber sort of regrets not paying for sex or getting paid for sex when she had the chance. The hiring process. The girls. The prices. The customers. The sex.

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Looking Real Sex Las Vegas Nevada

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