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By THR staff. Whatever else one can say about gender equality in Hollywood, there's clearly no shortage of female roles for space princesses, alien hunters and flying nannies.

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For THR 's latest intra-industry poll, the editors asked Hollywood professionals — actors, writers, directors and others — to take an online survey of their favorite fictional female characters. More than 1, participated — twice as many women as men — but the proved there isn't such a great divide between the sexes after all, at least when it comes to what types of females we enjoy watching on screens.

By comfortable majorities, both genders picked a certain Hogwarts know-it-all as their No. Naturally, the poll was anonymous, but some industry pros don't mind sharing.

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Chances are, there's at least one character on these s who you once imagined being, particularly if you're female — and maybe even if you're not. After all, who hasn't dreamt of bitch-slapping an alien, owning a pet dragon or even traveling by umbrella? Edited by Benjamin Svetkey and Andy Lewis. December 9, am. All Rights reserved. Close the menu Logo text.

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