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Yet the road to a dream is often deceptive and challenging. To make the list, the song had to have a notable role or perspective that helped shape the California ideal. California soul! And we agree that it is a classic.

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Of course, Guthrie himself came to California as part of the Dust Bowl migration in the s. Make another day underneath my California stars; They hang like grapes on vines that shine.

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Tupac recorded the lyrics to this song almost on a whim at a West Side barbecue at Dr. It was the only time they worked together before Tupac was killed. In this song, the rain is a metaphor for the challenges that must be overcome. Here comes the rain. We can make it, we got to try. California rain on me!

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California Melissa Etheridge Another classic song about coming to California escape the past and to make a life. I kept on driving to the setting sun, Galaxies of Angels welcome everyone. Folsom Prison Blues Johhny Cash For years, Johnny Cash opened almost every concert with this song that Rolling Stone listed as one of the most ificant songs of the 20th century.

The album At Folsom Prison made music history. In Folsom Prison Blues, the lyrics conjure the sound of a lonesome train whistle, reminding a lonely prisoner of dreams lost—and all of us of the pain of fading dreams not forgotten.

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I Love L. Look at that bum over there, he is on his knees —even the four streets called out by Newman Century Blvd. And from where we sit firmly on the fenceboth cities have great baseball teams. But he knows enough to make the move that will take him to a better life. If you ever need me, you know where I will be; Meet me in California. Gotta get on and get your story told.

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Break Free! Come, go with me. Can I give up? Sometimes you have to save trust yourself. Many go about making their dream in unglamorous ways.

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The song California Girl was the most noted of several titles that solidified a California ideal in the early s. Sung from strength, Katy Perry has a lot of fun with the image of women in California.

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California, here I come, Right back where I started from; Where bowers are flowers bloom in the spring, Each morning at dawning, Birdies sing and everything; Open up that Golden Gate! California, here I come! The group Phantom Planet made a catchy tune that remixes some parts of this song that was used as the theme song for the TV show The O.

But for us, the original did more to position California has an idyllic garden in the hearts and minds of more geographically-challenged Americans living elsewhere. California Sun The Rivieras The fact that this song was recorded in Chicago by an Indiana band that had not really traveled elsewhere shows the reach of the California ideal.

There are s of songs out there about California. What song or songs do you think did we left out? Which song does not belong on our list? us your suggestion and explain why it belongs on the list. Extra points if you can make the case that it better embodies the Lonely cali girl dream than one or more of the songs we selected.

To hear all these songs check out our Spotify Playlist. If you use your browser, a couple of songs will not play for what we p is a licensing limitation, but they should all play within the free Spotify App.

Lonely cali girl

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