Im a down to EARTH PERSON

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Meet Grammar Coach. How to use down-to-earth in a sentence. The most High hath created medicines out of the earth, and a wise man will not abhor them.

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Then there was Wee Wo,—he was a little Chinese chap, and we used to send him down the chimneys to open front doors for us. The bride elect rushes up to him, and so they both step down to the foot-lights.

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Each day she resolved, "To-morrow I will tell Felipe;" and when to-morrow came, she put it off again. I take the Extream Bells, and set down the six Changes on them thus.

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His wife stood smiling and waving, the boys shouting, as he disappeared in the old rockaway down the sandy road. The Majesty on high has a colony and a people on earth, which otherwise is under the supremacy of the Evil One. So he bore down on the solemn declaration that she stood face to face with a prison term for perjury.

Do not the widow's tears run down the cheek, and her cry against him that causeth them to fall?

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The two women had no intention of bathing; they had just strolled down to the beach for a walk and to be alone and near the water. Choose the synonym for future.

Im a down to EARTH PERSON

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