I m tired of not getting laid

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I haven't had any action in five years. Actually that's a lie, I got some head from a girl several months ago, but honestly wasn't that attracted to her, so I kinda don't count it.

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She was a last resort and was all I had. I use to have a lot of girls that wanted to have sex with me back in high school, but I always rejected them in fear of getting one of them pregnant. My friends get ass all the time. I'm actually quite jealous of them. I don't have any malice towards them, hell, it's not their fault I can't get laid, but damn you'd think since I'm friends with some guys in the game it would rub off. I don't want to pay for an escort.

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I don't want to lead a girl on just to use her for sex. I don't even necessarily need a girlfriend. I'd be totally content with a cool friends with benefits situation I also had a girl offer me this the summer right before we went off to college, but again, I chickened out. My problem now, is that I'm too much of a fucking recluse, and my life is boring. I don't feel particularly interesting enough to attract women. Yeah I'm kinda handsome, but not handsome enough to not have substance and still have girls throwing their panties at me.

My day consists of going to work, looking at my cute coworkers and wishing they thought I was a cool and handsome enough guy to hang out with, but never actually to initiating some sort of conversation to get things rolling because, you know, "don't shit where you eat.

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I want to grow out of being a recluse, of course. I want to gain some new interests and hobbies, but I don't know where to start. Me and my friends don't hang out anymore, just play xbox together, and we have the same job. Maybe I need new friends.

Perhaps I should just take all this attention away from women all together and just focus on creating in some other area of my life. Like I said man, it's been five years. I gotta do something different. Better than being late all the time : Seriously though Women have busy work days too. I heard it's pretty scarce for us guys out there lol. All I hear is "I wanna get laid, but I'm too lazy to put in the effort.

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I m tired of not getting laid

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