Glassbar nude beach

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We will descend on you like the wrath of God so just stay away. During extremely dry weather - no fires anywhere. Well, you might say, that should be obvious.

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But the problem with that is before the state took it over, this beach when it was known as "Bring Beach" was full of people having outdoor sex. Especially for gays it was THE place to go in the area to get a little "outdoor action. Something like "obviously sexual behavior will not be tolerated anywhere on the beach? Could it be because they hope even with the state now owning the property to maintain not only the character of the area as being a nude beach, but also to maintain it's sexual nature as well? By the way, the people of the area hopes that this will become Oregon's third official nude beach.

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Rooster Rock which is one of the two official nude beaches in the Portland Oregon Area continues to have problems with gays using it. Things at Sauvie Island are much better though unfortunately like at most deated nude beaches in America although such places are rare and getting rarer problems are still all to frequent. Given the history of the property the Glassbar Nude Beach volunteers need to make it Absolutely Clear that sexual activity will not be tolerated there.

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Otherwise they will lose use of this property as a Nude Beach. Reply to author. Report message as abuse.

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Show original message. Either addresses are anonymous for this group or you need the view member addresses permission to view the original message. Here is a web for a newly formed state owned nude beach in the Eugene Oregon area formerly known as "Bring Beach" and now known as Glassbar Island. Andy of Mayberry. Much like being nude at a beach. Colonel Edmund J. Indeed sex is allowed here. You momma gimme good head at the beach.

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Is the nude beach (Glass Bar Island) Closed?