Extremely hot and ready

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Struggle with high body temperature at night? Here we look at body temperature control and some of the reasons why you might overheat in bed. With our 30 and 60 night sleep trials available on selected products, we have taken the risk out of your purchase allowing you to try your products and if they don't help with your quality of sleep and aren't performing as you expect then you can return for a full refund.

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It really is that easy and completely risk free, it will even be delivered in days at no extra cost! What happens to your body at night? Did you know, your body uses changes in temperature to help it get ready for and to stay asleep? Your circadian rhythm, or internal body clock, helps to manage your sleep and wake cycle.

It does this by using hormones to lower your temperature in the evening helping you feel sleepy. It raises it again in the early hours to encourage you to wake. While these changes go unnoticed by many, unfortunately for some, this increase in temperature can lead to waking up feeling hot. Why do I wake up sweating? Here are some of the reasons you might be waking up feeling hot and sweaty: Hot flashes associated with perimenopause and menopause can disrupt sleep.

Sufferers Extremely hot and ready they often feel worse at night, sometimes waking up drenched in sweat — particularly as their body temperature Extremely hot and ready in readiness for morning. Find out more about the menopause and night sweats.

A cold or fever may lead to your temperature increasing as your body fights to rid itself of infection. Certain drugs, such as prescribed antidepressants and other psychiatric medications, can lead to high temperatures at night as well as night sweats. This can leave you more sensitive to those early morning temperature increases, leaving you waking up hot. How can you help your body to regulate its temperature better? First, keep your bedroom nice and cool - since your body recognizes a dip in temperature as a al to ready itself for sleep, a cool room could be beneficial.

Second, create the perfect sleep environment. Breathable wool bedding is a great choice to help you avoid waking up hot and sweaty. Naturally thermoregulating, the beauty of wool is that it can help you to cool down naturally when your temperature spikes overnight. Discover our 30 and 60 Night Sleep Trials Here at woolroom, we know the importance of a good night's sleep. The average person spends more than a third of their lives 26 years!

With that in mind, can you afford not to be entirely comfortable and well rested? Wool is a fantastic fibre that can enhance your sleep immeasurably. This is achieved largely because of its incredible ability to regulate your temperature - naturally. We're so confident that our wool bedding can enhance your sleep that we will give Comments by Stephanie 02 May Woolroom's Customer Care Team Yes, wool works great with allergies.

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If you would like more info please or visit our website. Kind regards, Woolroom. Woolroom's Customer Care Team Wool is very good for regulating your temperature throughout the night. If you would like more info please look on our website or. I wouldn't like to suggest what's causing your morning sweats, and while it's likely nothing to be worried about, I would recommend you seek the advice of a medical professional if it's worrying you.

Kind regards, Adam. Unfortunately, I wouldn't be able to advise what is causing the issue, but would suggest it's worth reaching out to a medical practitioner if this is causing you issues. I can however advice that Woolroom bedding is scientifically proven to reduce nightsweats and overheating while you sleep. Sorry I couldn't help further. Woolroom's Customer Care Team Hi Alysia, We'd advise taking a look at our bedding sets which will reduce sweating considerably.

You also get a 30 night trial on the bedding sets to see if they help your sweats. Name: Leave blank to show as anonymous. Back to Top. the flock today. up here to receive to receive all the latest news, launches and information straight to your Extremely hot and ready. Wool Bedding. Wool Mattresses. Organic Cotton Bedlinen.

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Extremely hot and ready

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