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Follow us on Instagram to receive daily activities, thoughts, and encouragements. Check out our Pinterest to find tons of craft ideas, indoor and outdoor games, printables, reading fun, homeschooling help, recipes, and more! ABC Bible Verses. Planting Seeds of Biblical Truth. IMBetween Podcast Conversations on marriage, parenting, faith, and everything in between. Focus on the Family Provides daily encouragement that helps families thrive each day.

Dad Tired Focuses on equipping Christian husbands and d to lead their family well. Bible Detectives.

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Conversation Cards. Agents of Truth. Use the passport to help your kids track their journey around the globe. James Dobson. John Townsend. The healthy development of our children is something we all desire.

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That which begins in the womb as a result of our love and affection, possesses gender, personality, and inestimable value. We can do this more effectively if we have an overall plan. Even more, we need to begin with the end in mind — what do we want for our children, and why? Watch this video for a simple explanation to help children understand the purpose of communion. On this you will find some excellent devotional resources for kids, craft ideas, family activities, book recommendations for parents, and more to equip you to spiritually parent your children.

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Find additional resources deed to help you have healthy finances, marriage, and soul by checking out our Healthy Resources. Focus on the Family Magazine. Be intentional about what you spend your time reading. With devotionals for couples, creative family activities, and insights on cultural and media trends, Focus on the Family magazine will help you zero in on what matters most.

Avoiding the Chore War. Help with teaching kids to be conscientious about helping out around the house.

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Sweaty palms. Nervous thoughts. Stammering words. This five-part video series from Focus on the Family will assist you as you prepare to talk to your preteen about what the Creator intended for sexuality and why. Focus on the Family The healthy development of our children is something we all desire.

AGES Jesus gave us a way to remember how he died for us. Go to Top.

Chat with Beulah women

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