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I sometimes search guys in cities far away from mine for curiosity's sake. I'm not talking about far away as in a 2 hour drive, but more like a 3 hour plane ride. I do not intend to message people when I do these long-distance searches, but sometimes I run across a profile so great I can't resist messaging the person. Despite not expecting a return response, many times I get a response back and we end up chatting. Both of our looking for sections say near me. Guys, what are some reasons you would message a girl back if she lived or miles away from you?

Would you think of the girl as a pen pal, a friend, or a potential long-distance suitor? Male here who has nearly depleted his dating mining supply in his area can confirm. I know you addressed this to only men, but I'm giving you an answer anyways.

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I love talking to people from other countries. If a guy from on the other side of the world messages me, I know there won't be any "Come meet me now" within a few messages. I mean, I'm not looking at them as a romantic prospect. But I still love talking to them. I really only reply to people within my range if I see potential, so there isn't much talking.

And I can talk for hours online. Sad Chat fun 1000 miles away true, I once had a LDR with someone on the other side of the world who I met in a video game. The communication and openness was amazing. Sure, the lack of kisses and cuddles sucked, but the fact I could tell him everything and we could talk forever was amazing.

He was my longest relationship, I've yet to find someone I connected with like that in real life. To answer your questions directly: 1. Out of curiosity, why do you frame it as "sad"? Are you ashamed of meeting someone through a hobby you enjoy or meeting someone online which is what OkC is, after all? Or is it some combination of both that makes it weird? I'm a programmer, I can relocate just about anywhere. There aren't many single women where I live, so it's worth considering relocating just for the improvement to my dating life. Frankly, I'm getting a better response rate, both in percentage and absolute s, from people far away.

It kind of makes the site seem pointless for local dating.

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If you're that flexible about where you live, try DC or Maryland. It's a guy's market here. So many girls, and douchebag fatigue is high so as long as you're earnest and not eating your boogers on a date you'll be fine. Because who knows? She replied, "Actually, I'm coming to your town in two weeks to visit some friends. Maybe we could meet up at a cafe. I also have made amazing long distance friends male and female online not just through OkC and didn't meet for years but still were grateful for each other's presence in our lives.

Years later, if and when circumstances had our paths cross, it was cool! One guy was a 16 year old videographer whose first Chat fun 1000 miles away made a music video of my buddies playing instruments" was getting bashed on a camcorder forum by a bunch of industry guys. I came to his defense and got a bunch of people to see the good in what he had done, and compliment and encourage him, as well as smack down the people being mean to him. We became friends and stayed in touch. At one point I had a commercial for my job edited by him, and later he eventually won two MTV music awards for music videos, and recently moved here to California.

It was great knowing this very fulfilling friendship came from me reaching out to some kid and saying "Fuck those guys. You done good! I myself don't think of people in terms of their potential relative to distance. Think about it: if the absolute love of your life who blew your mind, lived an hour away would you let that bother you? Two hours?

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Would you think "This is the most amazing person I've ever met by far, but it's inconvenient to keep seeing each other, so, I'll pass up one of the single most important people over the course of my entire life. I'll let that hurdle stand in my way. I myself would not care about location, having to wait, etc. If I have that kind of connection, nothing will stand in my way.

If I couldn't afford to move, I'd save up until I could, or she could. If we both had kids and didn't want to move away from our kids' other parents, I'd wait, and travel to see her in the meantime, and Skype, and so on. I've had that kind of connection before and for me, the obstacles are nothing.

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If what they offer doesn't move you then I'm sorry you aren't soaring with it. I have a few lady friends that I keep in touch with from random OkCupid messaging. Honestly, it's a product of the gender disparity in online dating. It's so rare for men to receive a first message. I've lost count of the messages I've sent that never got a reply, but I pretty much always reply to any first message that I receive - because it comprises about 15 minutes per month I would suspect it is in part due to the higher response rate.

Women tend to respond more often when they're far away from the man messaging them, because there's less risk involved in chatting with them if they don't live nearby.

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They probably assume there's no chance of the man actually wanting a relationship from them. Some dude reached out to me a while back in April when I was kinda fucking around on mywe chatted a bit I guess. Especially if it seems like someone is cool, a good match, etc. I know you said guys should answer, but here I am offering another explanation that apparently only happens to me Nice to know. I am currently crushing on two of my long-distance pen pals. I've automatically assumed nothing can happen, but maybe I'm wrong. In Australia. She was gorgeous too. Sometimes I just search all over for the lulz.

Because sometimes I want to find someone new to talk to.

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Meeting new people is always fun. I travel I generally only look for the place I'm currently in, but if someone from one of those places looks at my profile, I'll send a message. Otherwise, I've made a random great friend in a girl from Oslo, although we'll never meet up. Found the internet! Posted by 8 years ago. Sort by: best. Because lonely. Reply Share. Continue this thread. So many feels. Also, of course, desperation. I know what you mean about a pen pal crush. In my mind, this is not a bad result. Because I found her to be interesting and was attracted to her.

Only time and interaction can answer that question. At least it is to me. More posts from the OkCupid community. Welcome to OkCupid.

Chat fun 1000 miles away

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