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There are a lot of pros to life in Portugal: the weather is great, the cost of living is low, the beaches are beautiful…I could go on. This website has hundreds of articles, and almost all the articles except for this one focus on the pros of living in Portugal. There are a few cons too. If you read other articles about moving to Portugal, or if you speak to a real estate agent, they never mention the downsides — just the upsides. Moving to any country and wishing it was different is just a recipe for disappointment.

Instead, weigh up the pros against the cons and then, being honest with yourself, decide if Portugal is right for you. In no particular order, here are some of the downsides to life in Portugal. A special thanks goes out to all of the Portugalist readers who submitted their grievances to this list.

The hardest part is that you never know which form you need or which person you need to Bored Porto teen chat to. You normally have to figure these things out for yourself. One solution to avoiding Portuguese bureaucracy is simply to pay someone else to do it for you. Although most people associate Portugal with beaches and sunshine, a lot of Northern Portugal can be very damp and wet in the winter. Portugal is a long country and regions like the Algarve and Alentejo have different climates.

Most of Europe is cold in the winter — much, much colder than Portugal. Portuguese houses can be extremely cold in the winter. You can find warm properties. Some are lucky that they catch the winter sun and stay warm. Others have a fire of maybe even have a heating system of some kind. But many are just cold. Many properties are also build quite cheaply, particularly apartments.

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You can improve the insulation or install something like gas central heating or an effective pellet heater. Houses here are more deed for summer rather than winter. Thankfully, there are one or two things you can do to stay warm inside. In Portugal, the Portuguese and non-Portuguese often run in different circles.

Even people who have lived in Portugal for years will usually be able to count the of close Portuguese friends they have on one hand.

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It takes two to tango, though. While the Portuguese can be quite closed, even to people from other parts of Portugal, very few expats bother to learn Portuguese which really is essential for integrating into Portugal. A lot of people think that just because food and wine are cheap in Portugal, everything else is. Electricity and petrol are two good examples of things that are really expensive in Portugal. Per kilowatt, Portugal is one of the most expensive countries in Europe. Other things that are expensive include anything second hand, cars, furniture, electronic appliances, books, banking, branded international foods and household products e.

Portuguese taxes, particularly when combined with social security payments, are high — at least in their simplest form. That said, the Portuguese government does have several tax regimes and schemes which are deed to simplify tax payments and to make Portugal more appealing to outsiders. The most famous is the NHR tax regimewhich is deed to reduce the amount of tax you pay in Portugal for the first 10 years and, in many cases, allows you to pay your tax elsewhere.

about the NHR tax regime.

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For some people having to learn Portuguese to live in Portugal is a fact of life. This is obviously unique to Portugal in that Portuguese is seen as harder than some other European languages, particularly Spanish. Poop is the most common problem, followed by noise. Ask a Portuguese person what the biggest downside to life in Portugal is and almost all will say corruption. Backhanders can permeate every area of life, from your local council right up to the higher echelons of government.

The slow pace of life is one of the main reasons that people move to Portugal, but that slow pace of life can also be a downside. It all depends which you value more: the slow pace of life for when you do want it or constant efficiency.

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The Portuguese mentality can be frustrating for a lot of people, particularly for entrepreneurs and go-getters. There are a lot of reasons for this difference, particularly historical and cultural reasons, but regardless of them, some people will still find it hard to deal with. You may not like the American model of customer service where everyone is overly nice, smiley, and helpful.

Many readers living in countries like France, Germany, and Spain have said Bored Porto teen chat same thing. Portugal traditionally attracts much older expats, particularly retirees. The good news is that, even though salaries are still a long way from catching up with other Western European countries, there are an increasing of job opportunities in Portugal. Many people also bring their work with them — either starting a business here or working remotely for clients outside of Portugal. That said, Portugal does have some of the lowest salaries in Western Europe.

In Portugal, not knowing the right people can make it impossible to do business in a lot of industries that you could break into in other countries. Indicators are rarely used, touch parking is common in the cities, and in rural parts of Portugal people often park diagonally across two or three spaces. about driving in Portugal. According to Statistainthere were more road accident fatalities in 10 other European countries like Romania, Greece, and Luxembourg.

However, Portugal faired worse than neighbouring countries like Spain, France, and Italy. The cost of living in Portugal is on the rise, particularly when it comes to property prices. House prices are rising throughout Portugal, but particularly in Lisbon and Porto and the Algarve. A lot of people move to Portugal for the beaches and are surprised by just how cold the water is.

This is unique to Portugal. In the past few years, tourism has boomed in Portugal. Lisbon, in particular, has become one of the hottest destinations to visit and it has attracted millions of tourists from all over the world.

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Porto, and the Algarve, likewise, Bored Porto teen chat seen a huge increase in tourism as well. Unfortunately, Lisbon and Porto are much too small to handle the sheer volume of tourists that are visiting. The streets are narrow, and the cities themselves are quite compact and small. Lots of other cities like Barcelona and Amsterdam are struggling with overtourism.

Many people who move to Portugal come from countries where online shopping is extremely developed, to the point where they can get their orders the same day. As an example, if you want to shop at Amazon from Portugalyou normally shop at Amazon Spain or perhaps Amazon Germany.

If you shop from outside the EU, for example at a US store, expect to pay lots of money in customs charges and for your delivery to be held up. The challenge of getting things delivered, whether an online shopping order or a letter from overseas, is a constant complaint amount expats. It is something you get used to, though, and, like many of the other things in this list, is a small price to pay for what you get in return. Not all apartments have noise issues, especially the more modern ones, and you can insulate an apartment to reduce noise levels, but it is something to be aware of.

While smoking is on the way out in many countries, smoking is still quite common in Portugal. Comments Policy: This article attracts a mixture of comments: some people who believe the pros of living in Portugal outweigh the cons and others who are frustrated with life in Portugal and want to vent their anger. Comments that are negative and without any substance will be removed. Hey Folks, all great insights. I plan to relocate from India to Porto for work purposes, with my spouse and.

Looking to work for a year or two to gain some foreign exposure. In all, would you advise me to really refrain from moving to Porto, or it is still a good bet for a year or two, to live and work in one of the beautiful countries. Request your inputs, please. I have a yard Bored Porto teen chat and parts are very hard to find for it. I inquired the local agricultural suppliers to order parts for me.

They responded with available parts listing and prices. The problem is their prices are sky high, but availability of parts if laughable.

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Then they have another kind of washers, but not screws and then finally they have the part but not support for it. What is the use of those parts then? Then another example: I was looking for specific long roofing screws.

Bored Porto teen chat

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