Big girls give better head

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There was a point in my life where I believed shit like this so intensely that I thought that was the only reason anyone could possibly want to be with me. Well obviously that's wrong. I used to have a friend who said the same thing. Actually, multiple friends, but one said it more than others. Spent ages just going on and on about an old girlfriend of his, and how it was the only reason he dated her.

He always seemed to take it as a joke when I said he was a terrible person, and in retrospect I don't think all the free booze I got hanging out with that kid was worth not making it clear how genuine my statement was. Oh regrets, how you haunt me. Just 1? I have about 16, srsters who swear the same thing. That may even be a decent sample size. This is one of those things that takes something that might be a wonderful thing about a person and manages to make it bad.

A fat girl who actually gives great head, a Black person who is great at sports, an Asian who is brilliant at school, all those possible good things disqualified as being characteristics of their stereotype. Oh is this that whole "they have an oral fixation lol" bullshit again? Fat people have an oral fixation so they give great head, but not people who chew the ends of their pencils, right?

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I like how mad in some thre reddit gets when nobody will suck their weiners, but then in all the other thre they clearly imply that sucking their weiners is a degrading act. Clearly, reddit has never sucked an awesome weiner or had their weiner sucked by an awesome person. Weiner sucking would be much easier and fun for reddit, no matter what side of the equation they were on, if they stopped with the degrading and got with the awesome-ing. I have a friend who swears by the fact that fat girls give the best blowjobs. He phrases it like this:. No girls like giving BJs, they only do it so they can get something in return.

Hot girls know they don't need anything extra for a guy to fuck them, they can get it whenever they want. So when they actually have to perform a BJ, they don't put much into at all. For fat girls, however, this is a rare opportunity. Who knows when they're going to get this chance again? I haven't acquired enough data to support or deny this hypothesis, but the idea seems sound.

Vote History on srscharts. This comment posted by a bot Report an error. Yes, some girls like the power to control a guys pleasure and reaction. Most women don't feel like they have control in their daily lives. Not all women are like this, but some definitely are! I mean, all this does is make me not want to ever give a guy a blow job. I used to think giving oral sex was a fun sexy thing to do, but since it's obviously a degrading act of desperation, I'll skip it.

I'll make sure to let the next dude know who's at fault if he complains. It's what year old high school kids feel like they need to say to prove themselves, which is stupid because these are internet strangers. Based on my intensive sample size of one man, i've concluded all fat people give good head. And all people who give good head are fat.

Also, this treating sex as a commodity outside of sex work i. That comment is like every shitty thing said on Reddit regarding women into one post. Let's see, we have: poop about "fat girls," biotruths about why women give blow jobs, the idea that women - especially ones that please the penis - can get sex anywhere, the idea that women put no effort into sex, etc.

Also I have seen the shitty comments of someone I know in at least two SRS linked thre today, smh. The worst I ever received was from a woman of size. It's almost like there are variations in populations or something. I feel on the cusp of a biotruth, here. Get the context for it. Most of it is at least as bad. Ugh seeing that made me think fuck everything even more than the original comment. What the hell are these idiots even going on about? His comment is basically saying Big girls give better head girls only like hot guys oh this "don't be unattractive" shit again and if they don't, they must be ugly.

Which he needs to re-evaluate, cause saying dumb shit like that makes him pretty unattractive in my book. Oh, are anecdotes admissible as evidence in these sorts of things now? Because if so I'd like to point out that the best blowjobs clearly come from people who's first name starts Big girls give better head T. Found the internet! Posted by 9 years ago.

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Sort by: best. Reply Share. Continue this thread. Fuck that. Awesome-ing is definitely a word y'all. He phrases it like this: No girls like giving BJs, they only do it so they can get something in return. Reddit makes me hate my penis. We just want to tell you that all men are garbage. So much externalized self-hatred in that parent comment. Fuck tha gender police. Leftist Feminist.

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Big girls give better head

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