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It's that time of year in high school, the season of the highly anticipated, stress-inducing rite of passage called prom. Like many other teenagers preparing for prom, Utah senior Keziah Daum wanted to find a dress that would stand out, "something that would be more unique and bold and had some sort of meaning to it," she said in an interview with The Washington Post.

Daum decided to browse a vintage store in downtown Salt Lake City, where she came across a red cheongsam, also known as a qipao - the Asian teen Mitchell, form-fitting traditional Chinese dress. She appreciated its high neckline, a difficult trait to find in many prom dresses. The dress, she said, "really gave me a sense of appreciation and admiration for other cultures and their beauty. On a Sunday after the dance, like many other social media-savvy high schoolers, she posted a photo in her dress alongside her friends. My culture is NOT your goddamn prom dress.

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The tweet, which has been shared nearly 42, times, spurred an onslaught of similar criticism of Daum's prom dress, with many people on Twitter accusing her of cultural appropriation. I wouldn't wear traditional Irish or Swedish or Greek dress either.

There's a lot of history behind these clothes. Another wrote: "you just don't wear it if ur not. It was the latest example of the long-running debate over the fine line between appreciating and appropriating culture. Similar controversies over cultural appropriation have erupted in fashion and Asian teen Mitchell Hollywood, across college campuses and in response to advertising campaigns. There was a tone-deaf Pepsi ad, and the time the Kardashian sisters were accused of appropriating black culture with shirts showing the image of the Notorious B. Greek chapters have stirred outrage through "Mexican" themed parties, and concertgoers have been accused of appropriating Native American culture at music festivals such as Coachella.

Some of these instances are clear-cut, while others fall into a disputable gray area. Critics of Daum bashed her for one photo in particular in which she and her friends hold their hands together in prayer-like poses. Daum said that her friends were inspired to make the pose by a popular YouTube personality, h3h3Productions, and she had no idea it would be interpreted as culturally offensive. Daum responded to the barrage of criticism by saying she meant no harm in wearing the dress, and was "in no way being discriminative or racist. It's just a dress.

The Twitter outrage also prompted a wave of support for Daum. Many, including scores of people identifying as Asian Americans, defended her choice of dress, saying they did not consider it offensive.

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I love how you wear the dress with confidence! You rock! I support you. You rocked that dress!! I have an 18 year old daughter who just had her prom. She said people might be just jealous that you look awesome in that dress. Favian Yee tweeted "Good on you for wearing that dress.

You look beautiful in it, and don't let them tell you that you have to be Asian to appreciate the dress. There are just too many trolls out there. Happy Grad ! Daum's Twitter followers skyrocketed from a few hundred to more than 14, within about a week.

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She began receiving thousands of direct messages, some of them cruel but many of them positive, telling her she had nothing to worry about. Her classmates and teachers at school have reached out to her, expressing concern and offering support.

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She wasn't looking for this at all. While the family lives in a predominantly white suburb of Salt Lake City, Dawes said she has made an effort to give her daughter a multicultural upbringing. When Daum was in the third grade, her mother pulled her out of her school and enrolled her in a more diverse school in Salt Lake City.

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She also said that Daum has grown up with a multicultural extended family. Several of her nieces and nephews are of Pacific Island descent. The mother found it particularly unsettling that "an adult male has attacked her for what she's wearing," something that has nothing to do with "her talent or her mind.

In the days since the photos went viral, Daum said she has made a point of researching the ificance of the dress in Chinese history and culture. She also says she has learned about the velocity and reach of messages on social media, and the importance of being able to see her own posts from a different lens. But at the same time, she said, "there are people who are going to find something to offend them no matter what it is. Trending Articles.

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Government and Politics. Lifestyle 'It's just a dress': Teen's Chinese prom attire stirs cultural appropriation debate It's that time of year in high school, the season of the highly anticipated, stress-inducing rite of passage called prom. Like many other teenagers preparing for prom, Utah senior Keziah Daum wanted to find a dress that would stand out, "somethin Written By: Washington Post pm, May 1, Suggested Articles.

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